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    Occupational Health

    Year after year, employers cite increasing costs associated with healthcare premiums, workers' compensation, and occupational health expenses as the number one barrier to the stability and growth of their businesses. Deaconess Illinois Specialty Clinic - Occupational Health helps local businesses keep employees and their dependents healthy and productive while helping control rising healthcare costs.

    As a large employer in the region, Deaconess Illinois Specialty Clinic understands the challenges of keeping employees healthy and engaged, as well as the constantly increasing costs associate with providing quality healthcare coverage. The only positive way forward is for providers and businesses to work together to keep our communities healthy. Deaconess Illinois Specialty Clinic Occupational Health aims to provide structure and solutions for those efforts.

    For larger employers, the right solution might be an onsite primary care clinic once weekly, or more frequently, to see patients before and after shifts or during break times. Our solutions are flexible and individualized to meet the structure of your business. Contact us for a no-cost discussion and assessment of your workplace healthcare needs.