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    Services Offered

    Our general health and wellness services connect you and your employees with dedicated primary and specialty care providers, identifying and managing medical conditions through vaccinations, screening, education, medication and, when absolutely necessary, surgeries and rehabilitation.

    Encouraging your employees to build relationships with a primary care physician is the NUMBER ONE way to optimize their health and longevity and prevents costly medical issues that inevitably hurt both the employee and the company.

    Occupational Health Services
    Deaconess Illinois Specialty Clinic Occupational Health partners with you to keep your employees safe and healthy.

    Our program helps you prevent work-related injuries and hardwire physicals, drug screens and other services to ensure a healthy workforce and contain the rising cost burdens borne by employers. We provide several resources including Occupational Health trained providers and highly skilled support staff, with the goal of supporting your company's occupational health needs.

    Employer Engagement
    Our staff works closely with you and your employees to ensure you are informed of all of our services and how to use them effectively.

    Employee Health and Safety
    During enrollment, our staff can conduct a worksite evaluation to identify conditions that may impact safety, treatment plans and return-to-work.

    On-Site and Off-Site Services
    • DOT Physicals
    • Non-DOT Physicals
    • Drug Screens
    • OSHA Respirator Fit Tests
    • Pulmonary Function Tests
    • Vaccinations
    • Lab Testing
    • Fitness, Hearing and Vision Screenings
    • Functional Job Descriptions
    • Physical Agility Baseline Testing
    • Breath Alcohol Testing
    • Radiology Testing
    • Early Intervention Services
    • Ergonomic Risk Analysis and Correction
    • Physical Job Demand Analysis
    • Pre-Employment and Post-Offer Testing

    Worker's Compensation Services
    Our Worker's Compensation program delivers a personalized experience to your employees base on your company's preferences and policies

    Your employee can seek post-accident care at any of the Deaconess Illinois Clinic facilities, be screened with the substance abuse panel your company requires, and be quickly escorted through the necessary diagnostics and treatment to ensure the safest and most rapid return-to-work path.

    Clinical Services
    • Work Injury Navigation
    • Injured Worker Therapy Services
    • Specialist Appointments with Quick Accessibility
    • Return-To-Work (RTW) Evaluations
    Monthly Management Reporting
    Our team will meet with employers and provide monthly reports that include insight into:
    • Work injury types, frequency and duration
    • Occupational Health Utilization of Services